The Third Eye

The human body has seven glands (see diagram below). At the very top sits our pineal gland (endocrine system), often referred to as the ‘seat of the soul’, or ‘third eye’. Before you reject this notion let’s delve into the science behind it.

Its main function is to produce melatonin. This means that it is directly responsible for the sleep and wake cycles of the body. Melatonin is the hormone which governs the quality and duration of your sleep. We need darkness as much as we need light, to achieve uniformity as beings and produce adequate amounts of melatonin. Quality sleep activates the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is made up of rods and cones (much like the retina) – another reason why it is referred to as the ‘third eye’. It is said that the pineal gland helps give us access to other dimensions. Can you fathom the notion that perhaps we are multi-dimensional beings having a human experience, and not the other way around?

Ok let’s get back to more easily processed information. The pineal gland is also associated with deep intuition. The system around us has made it harder and harder for us to connect with the world around us – and connect with ourselves – but here’s a fact – we need nature, animals, other humans. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, and you can think of a human body as one cell in the realm of humanity, and humanity making up one cell in the world, and the world making up but one cell in the universe, and so on. And no doubt you will start to realise the connectedness of our being.

Here are some simple ways that you can help activate (decalcify) your pineal gland:

1. Switch to a raw food diet

2. Eliminate Flouride

3. Embrace Darkness

4. Sun Gazing

5. Iodine

6. Yoga/meditation/silence

7.Less Technology/no TV

8. Start to control certain vibrations around you

Within each of the eight steps above is a wealth of knowledge and reasoning behind why these are essential to our being. I’ll delve into these topics in my next article. Let’s reduce the amount of time we spend on technology which disconnects us, and start to learn about our own minds and bodies.

Tina Nikolovski

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