Real Talk

I’ll tell you something I used to do A LOT especially in my acute states of depression. Worry. Worry about the past, present, future. Worry about possible scenarios that didn’t even exist. Worry about what other’s thought of me. Worry about where I would be at 30. Worry about not being successful, or ‘failing’ in something.

Let me tell you something about worrying. It is a COMPLETE waste of energy. If you continue to let this snowball effect take place, your mind will become consumed with negativity and you will start to create your own REALITIES.

Ever heard the saying if you don’t use it you lose it? Well you will start to lose your intelligence, because you will become so consumed in what you think you CAN’T do instead of the realities that you can CREATE for yourself.

Believe me when I say you are what you think you are, and that you CREATE what you PROJECT. Do you want to project a miserable life, or a happy, content one?

Think about it like this. Let’s say you are 30 now, what would you tell your 16 year old self? Those ‘problems’ that seemed so big then aren’t so big now, are they? It’s all about perspective, and perception.

After overcoming 9 years of extreme highs and lows (and deep depressive states) I have learnt a few things.

After I made the DECISION that I no longer want to be a PRISONER of my own mind, I decided that I did not want to spend another SECOND of my life wasted. So I quit my job, re-launched my business and I became immersed in the things I love and made them my career. I started looking after myself again, working on every element of myself and my life and developing all of these aspects, progressively. Helping others. Making the most of every day. Because that is what life is all about.

Work on yourself, daily, Help others and be kind to them, daily. Give without the expectation of receiving. Spend time understanding yourself and what you want in life. Ask yourself all those hard questions.

Is your mind spiralling downwards? No pill is going to fix that. No addiction (even if it’s ‘positive’ like fitness) is going to ‘fix’ that. It is escapism. There is a difference between ‘happy’ training and obsessive training that just masks the problem. You need to dig deep before you even can begin to think about reaching high. You will crumble, but you will re-build yourself in a new way, stronger than ever. You will realise who your real friends are, and become more cautious with who you let into your inner circle. (Michael Jordan said, ‘If you are absent during my struggle, then don’t expect to be present during my success’).

DO NOT allow yourself to be a prisoner of your own mind. YOU are in control, no one else. And if you feel like you have lost that control it’s time to regain it. It’s time to find yourself and live your purpose. Right, NOW.

Tina Nikolovski

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