Is this the life you dream about?

Let’s make something clear, I am not attacking anyone. I am not superior to anyone. I work extremely hard and am sometimes guilty of overworking (often). But here is the difference; I LOVE what I do. I dream about what I do. I created a lifestyle for myself which allows me to chase goals and live my passions on a daily basis.

Every-time I hear someone who hates their job say, ‘I don’t have a choice’, I just think in my mind, you just don’t see that you have a choice. You have given in to the illusion of financial security and perhaps ‘success’. Yes it may be extremely hard for you because you probably have a family and other’s who rely on you. I am not saying to stop working, I have worked many casual jobs which were completely unrelated to what I wanted to do to build the lifestyle that I have now. But selling your soul to a heartless system in exchange for the illusion of security, well, I know where I stand on this topic.

To have a life you dream of, you need to be willing to let go of all of which society tells you is ‘success’, and ‘normal’. You have to re-wire your brain, and unlearn all those societal norms that have been engrained from a young age. You have to have the COURAGE to perhaps be financially ‘behind’ for a while and work your butt off to establish something that you LOVE.

We were not meant to be born into a life where we just work, pay bills and then die. Everyone is going to die, but not everyone knows what it feels like to truly LIVE.

What do you dream about?

Tina Nikolovski

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